Quantitative Skills

I find it extremely rewarding and at the same time challenging to write contents intended for general audience, especially for people who do not like math. Here are three blogs that go at it from slightly different angles but for topics that can be loosely labeled as quantitative skills or quantitative literacy.

Math in the Spotlight

Math in the Spotlight is a blog on math and related topics that are reported in various media outlets – news site, magazine, books, etc.

Talking about Numbers

Talking about Numbers focuses on quantitative topics, with the goal of making sense of numbers, data and numerical examples found online and other places.

Purpose Driven Math

Purpose Driven Math is a fairly new blog, focusing on math ideas or methods that are purpose driven. This is my small voice shouting on the mountain top that math is useful. One curious thing about math is that what is considered useless math today may become purpose driven math tomorrow.

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