Math Writing

My mathematical writing ranges from general topology (point-set topology) to various topics in probability and statistics including topics in actuarial modeling. I also have several blogs intended for general audience.


I have been writing in topology in a blog for many years. The blog has a great deal of contents geared toward individuals taking courses in topology (both undergraduate and graduate). On certain topics, I also go a little deeper than what a typical topology course might cover. The blog is used by both students and working topologists.

Probability and Statistics

There are three blogs in probability and statistics.

  • A general blog on probability for topics that are usually covered in an undergraduate sequence on probability and statistics as well as classic problems in probability.
  • A blog on introductory statistics, which is an outgrowth of the stats courses I used to teach at a community college.
  • Topics in probability: more advanced topics in probability than in the general probability blog, e.g. stochastic processes.
Actuarial Modeling

In actuarial modeling, I write about various mathematical and statistical modeling methods that are applicable in actuarial science. I also have blogs providing practice problems and other resources for two actuarial exams (Exam P and Loss Models).

About Me

I earned my PhD in mathematics from Auburn University. I did my dissertation in general topology under the direction of Gary Gruenhage. Here’s my entry in math genealogy. My Erdos number is 3, through the following path:

    Erdos – M. E. Rudin – Gruenhage – Ma

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Daniel Ma math

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